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The public appeared to boycott a noodle chain called Aori Ramen between January and April , according to multiple store owners who filed a compensation lawsuit in July blaming Seungri, who had run and promoted the franchise, for falling sales.

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One of them also filmed it".

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The allegations of sex crimes involved added to the country's "epidemic" of what is called molka , a Korean word for the online distribution of unconsented sex videos taken of women, and the scandal became fodder for political parties, who argued over how to handle it.

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Also, on Monday, March 11, due to possible police involvement, the Commission, a watchdog agency, turned the records over to the Supreme Prosecutors' Office of the Republic of Korea , asking them to investigate the scandal instead of the police.

Description: K-pop fans' reactions were mixed, some called for YG Entertainment to remove Seungri from the group Big Bang for tarnishing the group's image and having used the group's celebrity to promote his business, [] even waiting outside his agency's office for an explanation.